Match Report
Sherborne Preparatory School Girls - 1st Team vs  West In2 Hockey finals at Millfield school
On: Tuesday, 03 Dec 2019
Venue: Away

We travelled to Millfield as Dorset county champion and returned the trophy from last year. Our girls ably lead by Hero played so well to get here and tried hard to succeed but did not progress as we would have liked. However if we look back on the long season from September we can count a huge number of steps forward. Maia in goal has made numerous saves and has taken on a new personality while wearing her goalkeeping kit. Rosanna has brought culture and class to the back time as well as calmness and good vision. Tabby has played through more bumps and bruises than anyone and has tackled astonishingly well, ran strongly and talked sense. Rose has come from nervous starter to shoe in and cemented her place in the squad. Ana has just dominated her area of the pitch and ran her heart out in every match. Amelie has developed her focus and she too has become a doughty competitor, Flora has grown in strength and energy all season and made many awesome runs down the left. Laura has an amazing shot although it has yet to develop consistency, her movement off the ball has developed too. Hattie has played a few times and has great energy and I hope to see a lot more of her next season. Oh and Hero who has lead the team with skill and determination as well as tons of energy and not a little skill.

Well done all of you. an excellent season.

Mr Reid