Match Report
Sherborne Preparatory School Boys- 6th Team vs  Hazlegrove School
On: Saturday, 29 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

This was a match as much against the elements, as it was against a charming and competitive Hazelgrove side. The rain had lashed down continuously, and while the brief let up during the game offered small respite, the preceding hours of biblical precipitation, hail and a truly bitter wind had taken a lot out of our rugged and ever more determined 6th team.

The whistle blew, and with that the hopes for this promising side. They fought harder than they did in their last match, but they did not fight as hard as the opposition, who came out of the blocks roaring with intent.

Samuel, in goal, was notable for keeping us in with a shout, and Alastair and Alejandro took what chances they could. There were slim picking indeed.

At the back, Oliver was notable in his strength and determination. James and Eddie both swept up with aplomb. Curtis was end to end in his commitment.

There was no shame in this loss, and most likely a growth in qualities which we espouse here at the Prep: stoicism, endurance, perseverance.

non nobis solum.